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A Spirit Summoned

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Okay, similar to the incident with the Abandoned Dorm, I’d like to go over what is known of dueling spirits, because we have seen them before:
Dueling Spirits are spirits of the monsters found in Duel Monster cards. A duel spirit will probably only show itself when it feels a strong connection to a duelist, or aversely when it is angered by a duelist. Several good examples of both of these sorts of situations exist, the most acknowledged and noticed being Jaden and Winged Kuriboh. However, in normal Yu-Gi-Oh!, most particularly in Battle City, this has also been the case. Once during the duel in The Master of Magicians, I recall, Arkana played Ectoplasmer and went straight for Yugi’s lifepoints, and Yugi’s Dark Magician, of his own free will, blocked the attack using Ectoplasmer to free his own soul as well. Another such example would be when Ishizu sabotaged Obelisk, and Kaiba would have attacked, had his Blue-Eyes not shown Kaiba the way and allowed him to defy Fate itself (though if you think about it, for several prophesied things to occur, Kaiba had to defeat Ishizu, making it that he was fated to defeat her, but they said he changed the future, and gah! Don’t you love temporal issues?). Another time was when Yugi dueled Gansley and although Yugi was about to choose Dark Magician, Kuriboh stepped in and got itself picked as deck master instead. I have a feeling that the monsters in the Dominion of the Beasts are also dueling spirits. The best examples of when dueling spirits aren’t too friendly is, of course, the Egyptian God Cards. If you’ll recall, Shadi tells us, in Rage of the Egyptian Gods, that Industrial Illusions employees set to creating the Egyptian God Cards met with strange accidents; this one man saw Slifer in the sky outside his window, and Pegasus finally undertook the work himself, using the Millennium Eye to protect himself. When Odion attempted to play a false Winged Dragon of Ra, the real Ra became angered, made Marik’s duel disk go haywire, and struck both Odion and Joey who tried to help Odion with lightning. What was that if not dueling spirits? I believe that all of the truly great duelists we know (even Kaiba, though he’d never admit it) understand that their cards are far more than just ink on paper, and that the spirits they represent are watching over them.

However, if that’s what this was, then how come Jinzo was so…evil? None of the spirits we’ve met before have been like that, and we know that Winged Kuriboh is the same sort of spirit as Jinzo because it’s stated that Winged Kuriboh in that form is a spirit. And we know that we’ve seen kind dueling spirits like Winged Kuriboh, in the examples mentioned above. Perhaps dueling spirits, while kind to those who show them respect, really don’t have any conscience, or some don’t. If they’re angry at someone, they destroy them. That’s probably because conscience is relative. They don’t come from our world, and where they come from that’s no doubt perfectly okay. I could go into a whole tangent about this, including references to Give up the Ghost, Panik Attack, Face Off I *and* III, Match of the Millennium III, Aftermath, Shadow of a Duel, Spiritual Awakening… but I won’t. I’ll simply say that for many spirits met in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ‘verse, morals and conscience are quite different where they come from. Some spirits care, some don’t. I would imagine that Jinzo was quite annoyed to be awoken by three dumb Obelisk Blues in bedsheets, and therefore destroyed them.

But then there’s also the “give me three and I will be free” thing. I’ve never seen any sort of precedent for these spirits needing a sacrifice of life-energy to cross to the human world before. Except the Leviathan, come to think of it. Then again, most dueling spirits are there because they are part of a duel (summoned to the field or just drawn into a hand), which acts, I suppose, like a gateway if they wish to support the duelist playing the card and if their connection with said duelist is strong enough. Naturally, dueling spirits are stronger and more corporeal in the Shadow Realm, where they themselves are summoned directly to do battle. In the Shadow Realm, as I’ve postulated before following The Shadow Duelist II, dueling spirits have greater power, probably because the Shadow Realm is perhaps halfway between their world and ours. When dueling spirits appear, they still have strength left to battle, which those who invented shadow games in the first place discovered. Otherwise such duels would have been impossible. Back then, remember, they always summoned real monsters with shadow magic. To move from the Dominion of the Beasts (supposing my theories are correct) to our world, more energy must be expended. A strong connection to a powerful duelist in the human world helps (such as the strength of Jaden’s friendship with Winged Kuriboh and Jaden’s indomitable soul as a duelist), and without that it’s extremely difficult and few attempt it, like Jinzo did. Likewise, I imagine, to pass fully to the Dominion of the Beasts from the human world, it takes power. I imagine that Dark Magician Girl and the other dueling spirits pooled their strength to bring Yugi, Yami, Kaiba, and Joey there to awaken the Legendary Dragons. I would imagine that Yugi and Yami’s travel there was made easier by their close relationship with Kuriboh and their other monsters, allowing Kuriboh to enter their minds and lead them there while Yugi was asleep. For Joey and Kaiba, you’ll note, it took their being in desperate situations; their own strength on the dueling field and will to win provided the extra power needed to bring them across. Either that, or not as much energy had to be expended as Jinzo needed to cross to the human world, because it was only Yugi’s, Yami’s, Joey’s, and Kaiba’s minds that they were bringing there, rather than all of them; when they woke up, they were in the exact same spot they were before. But, as I was saying, the Shadow Realm must exist somewhere inbetween, because humans are a bit weaker than on their own turf if they’re inexperienced with the Shadow Realm and dueling spirits are stronger than they would be in our world. Of course, this is all educated-but-wild speculation. Feel free to expand on it.

They stole Crowler’s bath candles. A possibly useful thing to keep in mind that he has them…

I note that Banner was the one who taught this course on dueling spirits and also the first one awake (if he ever was knocked out) after the big blast of end-of-duel-climactic-finish. We’ve been hinted to in the past that he believes in, and might even understand, shadow magic, especially in The Shadow Duelist I when he says that *most* people believe that the Shadow Games were a myth. Pharaoh the cat also reacted strongly to the magic of Jinzo; it looks like people aren’t the only thing he can track!

I believe also that Jaden knows a thing or two more than your average duel student about these sorts of spirits. He wasn’t at all surprised to have Jinzo say that Winged Kuriboh was a spirit, that it was actually there. Or maybe he just has a really good game face and decided to sort it out later what it was Jinzo was saying.

Those crazy Obelisk Blues- Obelisk may have gotten the most dueling talent, but apparently the least common sense and manners. Except Alexis and Zane, of course, they rock.

Winter Break already? Where has the year gone? Well, at least now we know how much time has passed. It was getting to be a headache not knowing when exactly anything happened. That makes it very different from Yu-Gi-Oh! original, because there it was for the most part day-to-day, moment-to-moment action, whereas here, it always begins, “one day at Duel Academy…” and there’s no way to say exactly when.

We know that Academy students for the most part leave for Winter Break. Another fact to add to the neverending list of what we know about the school now, along with the fact that Duel Academy is in a quite temperate region; it snows there.

That’s about all for now, folks! Next Monday’s GX is. Rrgh, my internet hates me, I’ll have to post this with the summaries or tomorrow or something. I can’t find out the GX episode either yet. But as we all know and by the time I post this it will be out-of-date, today’s (now that it’s after midnight…) Saturday morning episode will be Memoirs of a Pharaoh! Oh, I can’t WAIT!!! -Clio

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