Local Autism Resources

This resource referral list was developed by our group as one of our first
projects. Please feel free to send us email if you have suggestions for
additions to the list, or cannot find what you're looking for. Also, if you have
had a bad experience with someone on this list, please let us know so that
we can avoid referring others.

Speech Therapy

Joyce Baxter
Pre-K Speech, Santa Cruz County Office of Education

Marge Bittick, 831 685-1877
Private Speech Therapy, Aptos/Watsonville area; also works for Pajaro Valley Schools

Michelle Winner, 408 879-0508
Private Speech Therapy, Los Gatos area; specializes in older children with autism

Susan Schatz
Private Speech Therapy, Salinas area

Francine Hilaire, 408 649-5000
Private Speech Therapy, Monterey area

Autism Specialists (Psychologists who evaluate children for Autism)

Dr. Linda Lotspeich
Stanford University
Expert on autism. Excellent at independent evaluations, diagnoses, recommendations.

Children's Health Council, 650 688-3623
Dr. Lori Bond. Diagnoses/evaluations. Social group/friends group for pre-K autistic children.
Support/social groups for parents.

Dr. Bryna Siegel
University of San Francisco

Occupational Therapy

Pediatric Therapy Center, 831 684-1804
Private OT/Speech center. Pat Steffen-Sanchez, director

Diane Sherman
Private OT, Monterey Area
Highly recommended

Santa Cruz County Office of Education occupational therapists
These OT's serve all north Santa Cruz county school districts: Sue Proctor, Cumba Siegler,
Karen Rogers.

Recreational Activities/Therapies

Therapeutic Equestrian Vaulting, 831 464-9644
Horseback riding/vaulting for Children with Special Needs. Suzanne Carlton, owner. Soquel

Star Riders, 831 886-7872
P.O. Box 1568 Marina, CA

Simpkins Swim Center, 831 454-7946
Swimming lessons, warm therapy pool. Live Oak area.

Adventure Sports Unlimited, 831 458-3648
Swimming lessons, Santa Cruz area

Kerns Memorial Pool
Used for special needs/water therapy, Monterey area

YMCA Salinas
Will make accomodations for autistic children in swimming lessons

Soquel/Capitola Little League

Shared Adventures, 831 459-7210
Bringing outdoors to children with special needs

AYSO Soccer League
Will accommodate for children with special needs
Manzanita Park, Prunedale area

Ranger Explorers
Summer 2-week, 3 hour per day program run by the state parks. Well run, with plenty of
adults. Good for high functioning children.

Biological/Nutritional Interventions

Brainchild Nutritionals, 831 465-0104
Michael Lang, Nutritionist. Excellent line of natural supplements for Autistic and AD/HD

Dr. John Wakefield, 408 366-0660
Environmental physician, experienced in DAN testing and interventions.

Dentists/Eye Doctors

Dr. Brent Porter, DDS, 831 476-5512
Pediatric Dentist, excellent with special needs children. Can do work under anesthesia in his
office if needed.

Dr. John Okuji, DDS, 831 459-9802
Pediatric Dentist, excellent with special needs children.

Dr. Cammie Hunt, 831 336-2279
Eye doctor, great with kids.


Dr. Donald Saposnek 476-9225
Psychologist with many years' experience with autistic children. Sees parents/children in
private practice and will attend IEP's. Teaches at UCSC; has his university students help
older autistic children with social skills development. Lots of experience with
older/adolescent autistic kids

Craig Clark, MFCC, 831 476-5758
Runs social skills groups for Aspergers and high functioning autistic kids, matched by age,
for age 7-8 and up. Groups usually no more than 4 kids, focus on social skills, pragmatics,
behavior and making friends. Also sees kids in private practice. Works with lots of
adopted/foster kids, too.

Education Advocates

Jeffie Gellerman 209 786-3574 and Deborah Wright, 209 473-3419 (partners)
Very outspoken, knowledgeable advocates; will attend IEP's, work with a lawyer. Jeffie
and Deborah live in the central valley area, but travel all over California.

ABA Consultants/Therapists

Colleen Murrer,
Located in Carmel Valley, used to work for CARD, now in private practice. Supervises ABA

Kevin Dotss
Located in San Jose, used to work for CARD, now in private practice. Supervises ABA

UCSC Psychology department, field placements office, 459-4410
Trish O'Connor. Places UCSC psych students in field positions. One possible source for
ABA therapists.

Services for Disabled People

San Andreas Regional Center, 831 728-1781
Services for people with disabilities, including autism. Pay for respite care for parents.

Easter Seals, 684-2166