ABA Materials Lending Library
Several members of our group run ABA (applied behavior analysis)
programs for their children. We've started a lending library of ABA
materials, such as flash cards, books, and other materials that we've
used in our programs, so that other families may make use of them.

These materials are available free of charge to members of our group,
with a small deposit for each material borrowed, which will be returned
when the materials are returned in good condition. Unfortunately, we are
not able ship materials out of our local area, so you will need to arrange
to pick them up in Santa Cruz.

Below is a partial list of the materials available. If you would like to see
them, just get in touch with us, and we'll arrange a way for you to see
them. A group member brings these to most meetings, so feel free to
take a look!


Best Number Game Ever (Ravensburger)

Bob Books (Scholastic)

Count & Match Pegboard (Battat Pre-school)

Lace, Trace 'n' Play Transportation

Madeline Game (Ravensburger)

Number Jugglers (Math Game)

Opposites cards (Educa 1st Learning)

Book: Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons by Siegfried

Wooden Stringing Beads (100, by Ideal)

ABC Magnets

Girl Baby Doll

Color 3-D Shapes with holes to string or stack

Dry Erase Board

Home Sticker Activity Book

Human Body Sticker Book

Magnetic Board

Wooden color circles for stacking or stringing